results 2017

Question: Can a proffessor of singing without a pending performance contract be considered an amateur for this competition's purposes?

Answer: Should a person in question have no other (unrelated to singing) formal education and is not employed as a non-singing related worker, unfortunatelly can not be regarded as an amateur singer for this competition's purposes.


Question: What was the feedback for last year's competition?

Answer: The audience warmly greeted each of the finalists, the later were happy with the way things were organised and other performers enjoyed being awarded loud applause:

"It was a beautiful evening."

"How many people are there living in Prebold, if you have so many incredible singers?!" (after having heard our local choirs sing)

"Amazing logistics – my compliments to you."




"It's very brave of you to pull this off – I''ll always be glad to come and perform for you."