About the association

The founding of the Anton Schwab Association reaches back to 2012. Its founding members pledged a vow to recreating beautiful music. It encompasses five choirs: Sončki (conducted by Barbara Jeromel), Šempavske iskrice (conducted by Eva Pišek), Mixed choir Sveti Pavel (conducted by Ana Rudnik Pavlica), Chamber choir Glas srca (conducted by Ana Rudnik Pavlica) and Men's choir Prebold (conducted by Ana Rudnik Pavlica).

The association initiated many original projects, held Christmas and other seasonal concerts and cooperated in a number of celebratory events at home. Every year it organizes A Concert with a Cause, where all the voluntary contributions go to charity, The Concert under the Hayrack is a tribute to our homeland and St Nicholas celebration is a traditional gathering for children, who receive presents from St. Nicholas. For the past two years the association has been inviting singers of opera, operetta and musical to perform at a special summer concert.

This year the summer gathering will be especially pleasant as we are looking forward to join forces with our friends from near and far who share the love for music and the aim of reaching the hearts of as many people as possible through lovely melodies.